Today’s Beautiful Smile: Rozalin

It was just great to have Rozalin in for her makeover today! Rozalin is one of those who found this blog by googling “veneers”!

Wow … I still am amazed at the power of Google and how it can point to this blog.

Rozalin is a web designer for a local magazine that is frequently read by expatriates. Her husband who accompanied her is equally internet savvy and specialises in Web 2.0 design (I figure it’s the next generation web).

I was thrilled when Rozalin said she enjoyed reading this blog (her husband said she’d ‘force’ him to read my posts!) and I told her that I always wondered if the many, many, many makeover posts were boring? She was too polite to say ‘No’ 🙂

Anyway, Rozalin did not like her smile and wanted to know if I could make her teeth look less protruding. I explained I could make it LOOK less protruding and ‘tidy up’ the smile but the teeth would remain where they were.

Rozalin after a quick clean up
Rozalin after a quick clean up

We discussed doing braces but she did not want to have extractions nor even the transient pain each time the rubber bands were changed as she is allergic to all pain killers, even Paracetamol

! Poor dear …. what an allergy to have, I mean most times we live secure in thinking, if any pain gets too much to handle (OK OK maybe not emotional pain but physical pain), we can always pop a pill! ….

Rozalin can’t do that, can she?

So after making sure Rozalin understood that the makeover I could do had it’s limitations, we started! I am responsible for her expectations.

I took the usual photos and had to coax her to smile wide. She is such a bubbly girl with an infectious giggle, but to smile …. well, she was rather self-conscious when it came to capturing her on camera.

A Beautiful Smile for Rozalin
A Beautiful Smile for Rozalin

Whilst I worked we talked about everything under the sun! I have so much fun getting to know my patients and even watching them talk and smile after  the makeover allows me to tweak a little more, so I get to give Rozalin a really beautiful smile!

One of the things that Rozalin said, was she enjoyed the comments people posted about the smiles they had gotten in this clinic.

She also enjoyed reading the short stories on each makeover. I told her that it was such a blessing when people share their experience, as it inspires others.

So many people stop themselves from getting their beautiful smile because they think it either is impossible (remember the ‘camera tricks’ from old) or it’s painful ( it really does not hurt … believe me) or it’s expensive (nope… not at all) or it will not last (remember Nazura …. her makeover is 19 years old!!)

Patients’ comments are real stories about their experience and go so far to instill confidence for others to take the crucial step towards a beautiful smile, don’t you think?

Towards the end of the session, Andi, her husband came in and finally it was time to hand her the mirror ….. with  a taa daaah!!!!

Rozalin loved it! Just look at her smile in the ‘After’ photo.

And I loved every moment of creating it with her …. thank you Rozalin for your confidence in me!

PS … Rozalin said she was going back to work to surprise her co-workers with her new smile …. and she said she caught the “Can’t Stop Smiling” ailment too!!

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15 years ago

Words can express how happy I am. But I have to say this ” THANK YOU” (zillion times) to you Dr Fauziah for the extreme makeover i would say hehe… Of couse my praise to ALLAH for making all these came true, for making everything run smoothly, for his idea of finding your blog on the internet (and not forgeting for the talent he gave to the creator of this blog to continue blogging her gret true story)…yah yah i know it may sounds lame like the grammy speech but hey I’m telling the truth here. 😀 As a person… Read more »