Aida’s New Smile: Part 2

Aida, the Legal Assistant, came in again yesterday for the second segment of her makeover. We completed her top teeth earlier (see  Aida’s New Smile, June 24,2009) and now she came in for the lowers to be madeover.

Uppers all done ... and now for the lower teeth
Uppers all done ... and now for the lower teeth

I asked her what her friend Shahril said when he saw her new look, she laughed and said he teases her a lot about her new smile now!

We were raring to finish the makeover we started last two weeks ago. Her lower teeth were discoloured, tilted and chipped.

We didn’t do the entire upper and lower the last visit because Aida, like so so so many others, was terrified of dentists and dental treatment and wanted to take it slow!

And this time was different from the last. Gone was the nervous Aida, gone was the fear and all there was now was a lot of anticipation!

It’s so nice to know that she knew it wasn’t going to hurt … not one bit! And she knew it was going to be easy-peasy too.

The final smile for Aida!!
The final smile for Aida!!

So here it is!

The final smile … This is Aida’s Completely Beautiful New Smile!!


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