Today’s Beautiful Smile: Mahira

Najib works for an IT company and was surfing the web for makeovers. He found this blog and called in for an appointment for his bride-to-be, Mahira. They’re about to be married after Aidil Fitri and he wanted to give her an early wedding present in the form of a makeover.

I joked with Mahira that the wedding present was for him too.

The couple came in together and Najib did most of the talking … I guess Mahira was nervous! But then seeing the dentist usually makes most people nervous, doesn’t it?

A very pretty Mahira but she had large gaps between her rather small teeth
A very pretty Mahira but she had large gaps between her rather small teeth

I took the preliminary photos so I could draw up a treatment plan. I told them of all their options and recommended the composite veneers as Mahira could have her beautiful smile for a fraction of the cost of the more fancy porcelain work and she could have it today.

I suggested a two-visit treatment plan and after a short discussion, Mahira and Najib chose to do the uppers first and do the lowers in the next visit. Yay!!

We started with Najib watching closely … that was just great as we could chat whilst Mahira listened as she could hardly join in the conversation could she, whilst I worked on her that is.

Mahira was finishing her undergraduate course in UIA, I found out, so I told her about my son and how he was doing a foundation course in UIA too. He wants to be a dentist … like his mum, his dad and his grand dad … this means he’s working towards being a third generation dentist!

Half way done
Half way done

Wouldn’t it be great if the knowledge of Dentistry was hereditary? He’d have no problems at all … like he’d have “Intel inside”.

We reached the half-way mark and I took photos just before I gave Mahira a break …

She didn’t want to look in the mirror just yet, though Najib was excited with how the look was being created. I kept telling Najib to not say Mahira looked nice …. let’s not spoil the surprise!

We carried on after a short break and I must admit I really took my time with Mahira’s makeover (It took one and a half hours because I fussed so much!)

I mean, let’s face it … there are a few really, really important moments in our lives…. graduation, getting married, the birth of a baby and marrying off our children …. these are moments when we want to look good and feel good.

Mahira's new beautiful smile... fit for a bride!
Mahira's new beautiful smile... fit for a bride!

Getting married is one important event!

At last, I had finished and it was time to hand the mirror to Mahira.

Her gasp said everything! She put down the mirror and looked up at Najib in disbelief!

Oh yes … she loved it.

I do so love my job!

I persuaded the lovely couple to let me take their photo together …. note: Najib’s not smiling widely … Najib’s makeover hasn’t been done yet! 🙂

Najib and Mahira, future groom and his lovely bride
Najib and Mahira, future groom and his lovely bride
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12 years ago

Hi dr!
yup, in the car on our way back, she can’t stop…no no no…WE can’t stop smiling..I kept on teasing her to grinnn..hihihi..thank you so much doc! We’ll come again next time, for my makeover 😀
oh yaa….enjoy your holiday! 😉