A diving I will go …

Yes! The day has finally come … I am leaving for Manado for week of diving in the Lembeh Straits and Bunaken!

I haven’t let myself think about today for the past few weeks … in fact I both dreaded and looked forward to today! There’s so much happening just at this time .. the clinic in central KL is undergoing a major, and I mean major, expansion.

As things would have it ( and I believe the Universe conspired to have it this way) I couldn’t start the renovations until this week … and I had already planned this trip in January! (gulp)

I now have to close shop … and walk away leaving everything in the able hands of my Project Manager and friend Ian Davies and my contactor/cousin Amir Majid. In the past few weeks it’s been just crazy getting all the parties concerned together: EON Bank to hand me the keys and approve the breaking of the connecting wall, Ian to design the new clinic and connect with Amir, Amir to give me the quote and agree to my “Challenge Anikka” … he is to complete the entire renovations in 9 days … the ripping up of everything, the rewiring, the plaster ceiling, the floor boards and the glass partitions, Ravi to install my gorgeous new Italian dental chair and all the new fangled gadgets, as well as reposition the existing dental chair ….. whew!

And I had to give the keys to Amir, walk away and go diving!

Boy that’s hard!!

I return at midnight on Saturday … this gives Idayu (what an angel) and I, two days to clean up and sterilize the entire clinic … this is no mean feat ! We sterilize not only the equipment but all surfaces including the walls!!

I am so nervous .. I nearly called off the vacation yesterday!

On Tuesday the 28 July we will officially be back!

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Mama Min
Mama Min
14 years ago

Sounds like something from an episode of reality tv!! Hey, who knows? We may just have our first reality TV following a very flamboyant dentist who perfect people’s smile 🙂