Waheeda’s new smile

Waheeda had an appointment for a bleaching. As I treated her sister, Farhana, I began to realize that she not only was extremely nervous, her ‘discoloured’ teeth were really because of her prominent canines which are naturally yellowish, hence her overall smile looked ‘discoloured’.

I had done a makeover for her sister, Fahana, last year and Waheeda had summoned enough courage to come in with her this time. As we chatted, I got she actually wanted a makeover but was nervous about it.

Waheeda's rather 'messy' smile
Waheeda's rather 'messy' smile

I explained that I could easily do the bleaching but we could get an overall look, without the added cost, by just going ahead with the makeover …. if that was what she really wanted.

She was concerned about her canines and her chipped tooth. Her teeth were rather large for her face hence every tooth had to be squashed into the too small space!

After just a little hesitation, we started with Farhana her sister encouraging her as she knew it wasn’t going to hurt (which was one of Waheeda’s fears!)

We decided to remove one of the lower canines as I could fill in the gap left after the removal, very easily and leave one lower canine alone so she still has her ‘sweet tooth’ (taring manis).

A new smile but we weren't quite finished yet!
A new smile but we weren't quite finished yet!

I took my time and chose a shade that would brighten up her entire smile. Once we started Waheeda was fine and began to relax as it really did not hurt at all!

Once her uppers were done, Waheeda was already happy

Her smile for the camera was so much easier to shoot!

The lower teeth were much more tricky as I had to work around the tilted canine before we took it out, so her smile would be even after we removed it.

Waheeda wanted it out because she said she always got a grain of rice tucked in the gap

after each meal and it was so embarrassing!

What a difference!
What a difference!

I took out the tooth ever so carefully … It was huge and tilted and tucked under the other tooth so getting to it wasn’t as easy as usual. But we removed it without any fuss.

Waheeda now has a beautiful new smile minus her ‘fangs’!!

This picture was taken immediately after the extraction too! Doesn’t she look just gorgeous? And it was in an hour too!

This is my last makeover before my vacation ….

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