Mazlin the dad-to-be

Mazlin had been too scared to see a dentist for years. Just before I left for my dive trip his wife persuaded him to come in for a chat to see what I could do for him … he was about to be a dad!

Before we started the makeover
Before we startedÂ

The birth of his first child, has been a long awaited event, as it is for anyone for that matter. It’s one of the most important moments of one’s life time and Mazlin wanted to look good, and feel good, when he welcomes his child into the world!

We scheduled for the makeover to be after my return. The first visit was to chat and plan, and do the preliminary fillings he needed in his back teeth (and also to check out if I was going to be a ‘painful’ dentist … I suspect! Luckily I passed the test!)

Mazlin didn't like his smile
Mazlin didn't like his smile

So today, Mazlin came in with his very pretty wife for the makeover

He deals with imported cars and said he has to meet a lot of people and was self conscious of his smile.

I assured him he would be smiling a lot after the makeover.

Mazlin's new smile of confidence
Mazlin's new smile of confidence

In less than an hour, Mazlin got his beautiful smile.

It’s good to be back …

I just love my job!

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