Sabaruddin finally closes the gap

I have known Sabaruddin for at least 15 years. He used to sublet an office premise from me in the Taman Melawati clinic together with his partner Mustafa.

A large gap between the front teeth
A large gap between the front teeth

Yesterday Sabaruddin came in as a result of a call inviting him to return for a check up and clean up by one of my phone marketing young ladies. I have a phone marketing division that calls up patients who have not come in for for than six months, they invite patients and also assist them to make their appointments.

The whole idea is that we understand that patients often forget they had not seen a dentist for awhile (sometimes years!!) and so patients probably have lost our contact numbers and would appreciate a friendly call from us.

It’s all about taking care of our patients and exceeding our patients expectations. So we not only send the reminder postcards, we even have two young ladies who are designated to make invitation calls to our patients!

Anyways, Sabaruddin, like many others, took the opportunity and made his appointment.

It was great to see him after all these years! We had lost contact and he wanted to close that gap between his teeth at last!

Doesn't Sabaruddin look great?!
Doesn't Sabaruddin look great?!

We chatted and caught up with what had gone on in our respective lives and soon…. ta daah! His makeover was complete.

Yes … he loved the new look!

Now he wants Mus to drop by when he comes in again… it’s so nice to catch up with old pals.

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