A busy Saturday …. a Frenectomy, Wisdom Tooth Surgery and Makeovers!

After being away from the Taman Melawati clinic for 2 weeks I braced myself for a busy Saturday. And busy it was!!

The Frenectomy

I did a frenectomy today … that was ‘fun’ as it is rather out of the ordinary. A frenectomy is where I remove the muscle that joined my patient’s tongue to his lower front teeth. The poor man who is already 44 years old cannot stick out his tongue as it is rooted to the floor of his mouth.

Imagine not being able to roll your tongue or stick it out at someone! It sometimes makes someone lisp too, and cannot pronounce the letter R.

It is a fairly simple procedure but I guess as it’s seldom done, most dentists are not confident doing it. Hence my patient had seen several dentists but couldn’t find one who would do the operation. He was then referred to me.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Another patient, Fazlin, also braved the traffic jams and came in after attending her brother’s ‘merisik’ in Putrajaya. She had googled the web and found our blog. I was amazed when she said she read every post and comment I ever posted. Wow! I am humbled and flattered.

Fazlin needed minor surgery to remove her wisdom tooth that was stuck and causing much discomfort and was beginning to give problems to her other teeth too!

We decided to do the surgery today and take out her upper wisdom tooth immediately. Fazlin asked how long would both procedures take … I told her an hour!

actually it took less than half an hour…. but I find that most people hear such gory stories, that it’s better to say an hour, then they settle down and I can do my magic!

I usually spend some time after the surgery explaining what to expect and how everything will heal and answer any questions they may have. By that time I can check that there is absolutely no more bleeding and Fazlin is well before she leaves the clinic.

The funny part was Fazlin was accompanied by her sister who is in her 4th year of Medicine in Bandung. I invited her to watch the surgery but I suspect she did what I used to do when as a school girl I watched my father do surgery … I pretended to watch!! 🙂

So the last patient today was Fazlin …. what a busy day indeed!!

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