And finally Ropiah

Ropiah had been a with us for a very long time but had gone missing. She wanted to fix some old fillings that had come out and reminded me that she only wanted tooth coloured fillings.

I laughed and told her that I hadn’t done a metal filling in at least three years! I only do metal fillings in very special circumstances, which is almost never, given the quality of the materials we have available these days.

Tilted and chipped teeth before we started
Tilted and chipped teeth before we started

After doing all the routine fillings, I just had to ask her if she’d like me to do a makeover. She asked me how long it would take … I said 20 minutes as she had already done her clean up.

After thinking about it (in about a heartbeat!) she said,”Let’s go for it!” ….. yay!!!!

Her husband was reading in the waiting area so I worked double quick time. In less than half an hour I could give Ropiah the mirror with flourish …

Ropiah's new beautiful smile
Ropiah's new beautiful smile

Tadaah! She couldn’t tell what I did!

Yes … I create beautiful smiles every day

and I just love my job!

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