Sally gets her new smile

Sally had come in a few months ago and we spoke about closing the gaps and sorting out her misshapen teeth. At the time all we did was do a clean up and plan so when she came in today, both Sally and I were raring to start!

Sally at the beginning
Sally at the beginning

She wanted to close the gaps as her teeth seem to be drifting

. She is now 50 years of age but except for her smile, Sally looks much, much younger.

So our mission today was to give Sally a smile that she truly deserved!

We decided to just do her upper teeth first and leave the bottoms for another day so she can get used to the makeover in stages.

A younger looking Sally
A younger looking Sally

It took just under an hour and as you can see by her wide grin, Sally was more than just satisfied!

Her next appointment will be to get her bottom teeth all beautiful too.

I just love playing fairy godmother with my magic wand!

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