Harpreet Gets Her New Smile

Harpreet who had just graduated, came in with her sister, Jagdish, who is studying Medicine in Russia. Wow … I seem to have many patients studying medicine in Russia and Uzbekistan for some reason. I had planned to do Harpreet’s makeover before we closed for the renovations so both of us were really early coming in today!

Harpreet before

Harpreet before

Harpreet had completed her two years with braces but unfortunately the end result was just short of what she wanted. To top it the surfaces of her teeth were left with a lot of discolourations. Her lateral incisors were tilted inwards making her front teeth look rather prominent.

We had done a treatment plan earlier to do veneers to give her the smile she really wanted. And I promised her the whole procedure would be fast and painless!

I had to work alone most of the time as we were down to one Assistant (sigh) so I was rather slow but kudos to Harpreet … she sat so quietly, whilst I worked and chatted with Jagdish.

A smile for her graduation ceremony!
A smile for her graduation ceremony!

Soon … and (I checked with Harpreet, OK)  without any pain what-so-ever … Harpreet’s new smile was done.

And Jagdish said it was just in time for her graduation too!

Isn’t she pretty?

BTW the photos don’t do her justice

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