Nadia’s Makeover

This week we started working in the newly renovated clinic…. I cannot say it has been fully refurbished as yet as the Italian chair has yet to be installed though. Sigh!

None the less, it has been full steam ahead, despite poor Idayu taking ill today. We managed to complete the schedule (a little slow … my apologies, guys) even though Amy, my new Dental Assistant has only been with us for two weeks. I am so blessed that I have angels for nurses!

Nadia half way through her makeover
Nadia half way through her makeover

Yesterday’s makeover had me so excited I forgot to take the initial photos! I only remembered after I fixed her two front teeth … aiya!

The rest was easy peasy anyway, Nadia needed me to correct her crossbite and make everything look more even ….

Nadia soon had her new smile to show off when she returns to University.

Now that's a smile Nadia can be proud of!
Now that's a smile Nadia can be proud of!

We both cracked up when I said I was so excited to do her makeover I totally forgot to take the photos ….

I do so love playing Fairy Godmother!!

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9 years ago


I would like to know the cost for gum disease treatment.


12 years ago

Dear Dr. Fauziah,

1) I have a gap where there used to be a permanent molar (lower teeth). What can be done to fill up the gap, and how much is the cost?
2) Can someone stop halfway thru the orthodontic process, say only the upper teeth is wired, the lower part is not, as the person finds wearing braces is so painful. Can the person ‘breach’ the contract he signed for full treatment?