The Run Up to Fasting Month

Here goes …. this is the last week before the Fasting Month begins! As always there is this huge rush to get things done before the month where Muslims abstain from food and drink (and other things) during the hours between sunrise and sunset.

Though dental treatment is ‘makruh’ which is to put it simply, not something that will have the Fast considered nullified , it is considered prudent to be something to be avoided … though at the same time, Muslims are encouraged to go about their daily lives whilst observing the Fast ….

So given this, if someone were to ask me, I usually say “I understand that dental treatment is ‘makruh’ so it really is up to the individual to decide to defer or delay dental treatment.”

The clinics have been experiencing that the schedules fill up pretty quickly as a result of this. Saturday in the Taman Melawati clinic was exceptionally challenging as a electric fuse blew in the early morning, causing one phase to be wiped out!

Fortunately it was the lights of one section of the clinic that was affected… Whew!! and the dental chairs and accompanying machinery was operating A-OK. It would have been chaotic if we had to reschedule the entire patient load! Next Saturday is already Day 1 of the Fasting Month!!

In the afternoon … another fuse blew … yikes! Fortunately it was only the air conditioning in the Clinical Operating Area and we still could complete the appointments, though the windows had to be opened and fans brought in to help ease the heat. The waiting room was still comfortably air conditioned … (thank you God)

My staff just managed to get our Technician/Builder/Saviour-when-in-dire-need, Amir, before he left KL for Kertih for a job assignment. He’s arranged for his chargeman to rewire the whole electrical junction box over the weekend.

Yes … I am so lucky to have patient patients (thank you to the patients that were affected last Saturday) and an amazing Team of Staff and support Staff who are always ready to do whatever is necessary to serve out patients.

I am so lucky …. thank you God!

PS: If you are wondering what happened to the makeover pictures done in the last two weeks, the reason why I have not posted them is because I have gotten mixed up with the patients names and their photos! There have been so many makeovers! When Idayu returns from her leave, I’ll sort them out and post the pictures up.

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