Sabaruddin’s New Smile

Sabaruddin is an old friend. He used to sublease an office space in the Taman Melawati clinic ages ago before ‘the Great Renovation’ in 2006! He and his buddy Mustapha have been old patients of mine for many years.

Sabaruddin before
Sabaruddin before

It was timely that the Telemarketing Department staff contacted Sabaruddin, two weeks ago, to invite him for a check up as he hadn’t come in for awhile. This is a service we provide where the girls call patients who have not come in for more than six months and offer to make an appointment: we understand that many a time, our patients are busy and forget that their check-up is due, or they have misplaced our number, or they just hadn’t the time to call.

This service together with the Six-monthly Review Postcards we send out have been going on for so long, that we even patients come in saying that they don’t bother keeping track of the next appointment anymore! Some patients collect the Review Postcards!!

Anyway, Sabaruddin was only too happy to get a call. He was ready for his makeover.

It was great catching up with him (and asking about Mustapha as well) as we had lost touch. He wanted to close the gap between his front teeth and I was only too happy to comply!

I warned him though that his wife (but maybe not his buddy, Mus) may not notice the difference …. most people expect that everyone would notice the change immediately … trouble is, often people don’t! It’s simply because people tend to only notice when something is wrong … and if I did my job well .. Sabaruddin’s new smile would look so natural that even his wife may not notice it unless he tells her!

Sabaruddin New Smile
Sabaruddin New Smile

The next day he told me that she didn’t notice the new smile as I had warned him …. what she did notice was that he couldn’t stop smiling!!

And yes … he was still smiling when I saw him today!

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