Zarina’s Raya Smile

I had two patients yesterday … one named Zarina and the other Zalina. For the life of me I couldn’t remember if it was Zalina or Zarina who had the makeover done!

I must be getting old … sigh!

Zarina, made an appointment after finding this blog whilst surfing for dentists. She works in Telekoms (hmm… I bet she uses Streamyx!) and came in very, very, very nervous! She was so nervous her hands were cold!

Getting her to smile was so difficult!
Getting her to smile was so difficult!

Anyway, I told her it would be so, so easy to change her smile (and to do the other filling she wanted done) and she would leave the clinic with her Hari Raya (Aidil Fitri) smile in about an hour!

It takes longer to sew a dress!

I gave her the quote and she nodded a ‘yes!’ . As I began working, I joked with her that she didn’t ask if it would be painful!

That was usually the second question people ask after they ask the first question, which is “Does it last?” (Ahmm.. it does last a very, very, long time by the way … just stay away from eating stones, bones, wood and metal! 😉 )

I took the initial photos with some difficulty as Zarina was not used to smiling for the camera … even for me with my iPhone!

Anyway, Zarina sat ever so quietly whilst I waved my magic wand … she was an angel!

Very soon we had finished .. then came my favourite part … the ‘taadah!’

I told her that she could do the lowers later … it was creating the makeover in her upper teeth that really made the difference in her smile.

A new Hari Raya Smile
A new Hari Raya Smile

What do you think? Zarina was very happy with the results.

I reminded her to eat as she normally would, and come in if she needed adjustments. This is because it’s absolutely impossible to be sure she was completely comfortable until she actually tries eating … you see we eat all sorts of food: soft, hard, sticky, chewy, crunchy ..

That’s why I have the full one month guarantee! If you break it, or it’s high or sensitive, you’d definitely be able to tell when you eat …. and you have a whole month to check it out …

Selamat Hari Raya Zarina! You now have a smile to grin about!!

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13 years ago


Its been a year since i have installed veneer…last week, i went for scalling treatment. Dr. Fauziah showed me my makeover picture…tk percaya klau tgk pic tu…

14 years ago

Hi Dr. Fauziah,

It’s been a 9 days since I had installed the veneer. Yeah, u right i can eat whatever i want except batu & kayu…hehehe… Raya nie, I boleh senyum lebar2….Thank to you…