Amin is smiling again

Amin found the blog on the net when he started searching for dentists in KL again. He had been in a horrible motobike accident when he was a young teen in which he sustained a broken lower jaw and had several teeth chipped. he said he spent close to two months with his jaws wired together to heal his broken lower jaw … yikes!

This young man who now is an architect, had seen several dentists over the years to repair the damaged front tooth…. and spent a lot of money to boot!  It kept chipping off and Amin was worried that the tooth was getting thinner due to the constant filing whenever he had it re-repaired.

And last night, it chipped again!

Amin just managed to get an appointment today … another patient scheduled for a cosmetic makeover had cancelled so we could slip him in. He had sent me an email this morning with a brief description of what had happened but I had already left for work and hadn’t read it when I saw him.

Amin Before
Amin Before

Nonetheless it was easy to make friends with Amin … he’s such a nice guy!… and soon we were ready to start …

First off was the initial ‘Before’ photos …  Then I told him that everything would be pretty easy (and painless 🙂 ) I explained that besides the obvious chip in his tooth, I would recommend veneers to also make them not looked turned in and even out the edges.

He agreed to the treatment plan so we got started with me as excited as I always get when I do my ‘thing’!

Amin and I chatted about things from living in this end of the Klang Valley to studying in UIA. He was the perfect patient and before long it was time to give him the mirror!

A smiling Amin with his brand new grin
A smiling Amin with his brand new grin

Yes … he was pleased! I reminded him to eat as he would normally eat, especially during this month as my month-long guarantee stands … even during the Fasting Month!

I just love what I do …. creating beautiful smiles everyday…. I am so fortunate to be able to make people smile and smile and smile …

Happy Fasting and Selamat Aidil Fitri everyone.

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14 years ago

FINALLY..i’ve found my tooth fairy!!!!!