Sharifah’s Makeover

Sharifah's before photo
Sharifah's before photo

Sharifah was referred to me by her sister who had a makeover done about 4 years ago. She works in the United Airlines KL office, at the front desk and told me she was self conscious of her smile when she met and greeted her customers.

She said her husband had wanted her to see his dentist at first, and lo and behold, when he came in to see Dr Yunus, he found out that Dr Yunus had retired and his daughter, Dr Fauziah had taken over the practice! What a small world this is!!

So Sharifah made her appointment and we immediately started trading stories about life and got to know each other pretty quick.

I was amazed to find out this very attractive lady was a grandmother! She obviously had married young and now had 5 grandchildren. But even grandma’s want to look nice, don’t they?

Sharifah was worried about the spaces that were appearing between her front teeth and noticed one of her lower front teeth seemed to be drifting forwards giving her a not-too-attractive smile. The appeared to be a gap appearing between the uppers and lowers too!

A pretty smile for a very pretty granny
A pretty smile for a very pretty granny

After the initial photos and treatment plan, we did a quick clean up and I told her to relax whilst I did my magic.

She remembered to ask me whether it would be painless … of course I said it would be! All patients ask if it would be painful … it is such a common concern.

The whole process didn’t take too long as I worked on the lowers first and got them re-aligned and firmed up, before the upper teeth got their turn with the magic wand.

We had so much fun too as a friend of mine dropped in to give us some comic relief whilst the makeover was completed. Who said dental treatment can’t be fun? 😉

The best part was when I passed her the mirror … her smile says it all!

Sharifah may be a granny  but she sure is one very pretty granny, don’t you agree?

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