Kids, kids, kids!

When Mama Min our cake decorator extraordinaire (click here at  Mama Min for her amazing website) called in to make an appointment for her kids, Laura and Adam as well for Dita their maid, we slotted them in just before the lunch break today.

Min texted me saying she had three other kids sleeping over during the school holidays and asked if they could be seen as well. Since it was during the lunch break, and as it is the Fasting Month so no one would be going for lunch anyways, I said it would be fine.

So today we were taken over by 5 young and extremely lively kids! It’s not often that the KL clinic has kids as patients (compared to the Taman Melawati clinic that is) so it was loads of fun.

When it came to who’d go first, the girls volunteered as they were the Brave Girls! (We agreed that girls are the brave ones every time!)

Laura is an old hand at the clinic and with her dad (Patrick Teoh …. he still has that amazing voice and recognisable face) and her mum, Min, by her side, as well as her friend Judith, she sat ever so confidently to get her tooth out as it was blocking her new permanent tooth from slipping into place. What a darling she was … soon she had her tooth in an envelope and bounced out of the room to show the boys who was the brave one, with not a tear in sight too.

Next Judith, who is 10 years old, had a very loose tooth taken out as she could hardly eat! She was all smiles when I popped it off with a flick of my wrist … after the magic numbing gel and spray of course.

Adam came next, as his name got pulled from the stack (we played a game to see which of the three boys would go next) He is Patrick in minature …. a real “mini me”. He needed only a polish so even though it was his first time ever actually being treated, he sat in the chair like a veteran.

Eu Jiun and Aaron both wanted to go next so we had to do the ‘pick a card’ game again … Eu Jiun won so Aaron had to wait just a bit whilst Eu Jiun had his teeth polished.

Meanwhile Dita, their maid, was trembling in the waiting room whilst the kids trooped in an out, laughing and fooling around, wanting to go first … what a difference it was for her!

I always feel that kids are the easiest to treat, especially when they start young … they have not learnt to fear the dentist.

There really isn’t anything to fear …. but too many people get a bad experience and they are set for life .. …sigh. This is why I say to parents, bring your kids for a check-up and polish or clean up as early as possible.

Dental treatment needn’t be your worst nightmare …. ask Laura, Adam, Judith, Eu Jiun and Aaron! 🙂

My vision is that there is a generation of kids who do not fear dentists and even ask their parents to take them to see the dentists when they get their postcards reminding them of their next check ups. These kids grow into adults who have kids who also see dentists as their friends and dental treatment as something they go for on a regular basis … generations who do not associate dental treatment with something unpleasant! Yeah man!!

My only regret is I forgot to take some photos … shucks!

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Mama Min
Mama Min
14 years ago

Dr Fauziah, it’s so true about people fearing dentists from bad experience. But it’s also ‘coz they do not have good habit of getting their teeth checked regularly and will visit the dentist only when their decayed tooth is soooo painful they can’t eat!

I’m glad Laura and Adam’s friends visited you together with them. Now they not only do not fear dentists, I’m sure they’ll ask their parents to bring them to you!

You are the best!