A Gurkha Guard gets his teeth fixed

Tula is the body guard for a prominent media CEO. He was referred to me by his boss who had been my patient for some years. Tula apparently had ridden his bike into a monsoon drain whilst avoiding another biker who had made an unexpected turn.

Tula's ferocious smile before the repairs
Tula's ferocious smile before the repairs

I met Tula some years ago and he had always been discreetly in the background … an unassuming and protective presence much needed for my celebrity friend and his family.

So when Tula was sitting in my chair, it was kind of funny to see that even a Gurkha Guard gets scared of the dentist! Fortunately I was no stranger to Tula so he soon relaxed and I told him I would be giving him his lovely kind smile back in no time at all.

I assured Tula it was painless and his teeth won’t be sensitive any more as they’d be repaired!

A happy, smiling Tula
A happy, smiling Tula

When I showed Tula the finished smile he grinned!

Now he can go home to Nepal to visit his wife and family with his beaming smile intact!

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