David’s Makeover

David is Moses’s brother. I had done a makeover for Moses (see Making A Difference: Moses 9 June 09) some months back and ever since, David had pestered his parents to bring him for a makeover too.

His Mum said that David’s teeth had the dark spots on it because of his liking for Hacks! I told her that it wasn’t because of the sweets but probably because he had  hypocalcified spots (lack of calcium in a localised spot) due to infected milk teeth which had pus.

David with his spots!
David with his spots!

The pus is acidic and probably had disturbed the normal laying down of calcium on his growing permanent teeth so when it came out into his mouth, those spots soon got stained permanently!

I told David, who’s eyes were so big when he heard me explain what happened (he probably was relieved the story about his Hacks diet was finally laid to rest!) that I was going to make him handsome like his big brother, Moses.

His mum said that he was constantly scolded by his aunts and uncles for not brushing his teeth and she was finding herself telling him the same too!

I winked at David and said he just needed to sit back and all the scoldings because of the stains would soon be in the past. He grinned and became an angel of a patient.

See Ma! No more spots!!
See Ma! No more spots!!

In no time David was ready for the mirror! He was so happy and said ‘Thank you Aunty, Thank you Doctor’ so many times whilst staring at his reflection….

It’s moments like this that I know I am doing what I love most and why

….. I create beautiful smiles everyday!

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