Happy Birthday Malaysia

Malaysia turns 52 today. The fireworks went off just a little after midnight marking our Indepedence Day with a bang.

I was in KLCC shopping for the boys Raya clothes where we always shop. Shopping is not a past time that I really enjoy … you wouldn’t find me window shopping and combing the shops for a bargain. My idea of shopping is to make a list of the things I want, go to Isetan or Marks and Spencers and get it!

My sons therefore are about the same. Now that they have definite tastes of their own, I let them look around for the stuff  THEY want to get, and just be on hand to pay for them!

This really is great, as I could go send my ‘new’ but sick charm-bracelet watch to be repaired as it had sprung a leak. It had water in the watch face after just two weeks!

The Thomas Sabo shop assistant greeted me like an old friend. She tsk, tsked the watch, looking suitably mortified, then proceeded to pack my many charms whilst bagging the watch to send to Germany …. sigh, it’s going to take two months to repair! Naturally I just HAD to buy a new bracelet  to hang my many charms …. I had to…. my wrist feels naked now!

KLCC was quite deserted. The shoppers were there, but many were wearing face masks, the kids with face masks with cartoon characters on it. It’s definitely a sign of the times …

Happy Birthday Malaysia! We Malaysians love you … Malaysia is our home.

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