Johan smiles again

Johan had been a patient of ours some time back. Funnily enough it was through surfing the net that he found out that we did makeovers where I could re-straighten his smile.

Johan's teeth had shifted
Johan's teeth had shifted

You see, Johan had already done orthodontic treatment years ago when he was a teenager. Unfortunately his teeth had shifted (relapsed, as we say) over the years and now Johan found himself contemplating getting braces again.

Needless to say his life situation has changed, he is working, married so wearing braces again for two years, was not really something he wanted to do!

He made an appointment two weeks ago but had to reschedule as I was running late and he had another appointment and couldn’t wait.

When I saw him yesterday, I appologised for making him wait previously. We laughed about how many a time, having to reschedule  an appointment, was something of a relief …. it gave a brief respite and a good excuse to put off the impending treatment!!

Johan then asked me whether I really could do what he saw on the blog in less than an hour. I told him I could and then said his makeover probably would take 45 minutes.

Then he didn’t disappoint me ….  he asked the question everyone asks!!! ….He asked me if it painful. Of course I said wasn’t going to be painful! 😉

I took the initial photos and then started …

We talked about diving, business coaching and the upcoming Hari Raya holidays. It was a fairly straight forward makeover so true to my promise, Johan had his new smile in 45 minutes!!

Johan's new smile!
Johan's new smile!

We both agreed though … these photos don’t really do justice to the actual makeover. видео порно толст видео ебли онлайн

Handsome Johan has his smile again!

Selamat Hari Raya Johan, may you have a safe journey back to Perlis!

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