Mimi, the air stewardess.

Mimi was referred to me by Belinda Pang, my Feng Shui consultant. Mimi is an air stewardess and had a very tight schedule flying hence it took a year before Mimi could come in for an appointment to talk about what she wanted.

Mimi said she had done her front teeth several times but it kept getting discoloured and she was beginning to think there was nothing anyone could do to give her a pretty smile.

Mimi's smile before
Mimi's smile before

I took a look and told her the main problem was the fillings were rather coarsely finished so they easily took on stains. I told her that it would be really easy to change her smile and would take less than an hour too.

When I finished, Mimi was thrilled!

She timed me too … I took 45 minutes! And that was because Belinda was giving me  complimentary advice as to the best times to install my new Italian Dental chair and we were laughing and joking so much!

I so enjoy meeting patients and giving them what they want. They usually start off as patients and they leave as my friends!

Mimi smiles happily
Mimi smiles happily

Mimi drove back to Seremban with Belinda. Belinda said she kept smiling and smiling!

The Tooth Fairy Godmother strikes again!

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