Nurashiqin's Raya Smile

It’s the run up before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and the clinic is humming with makeovers. Not only do people prepare for the festivities with biscuits, new outfits but also new smiles! Smiles that they can proudly and confidently wear when they ‘balik kampung’, return to their hometowns, to visit family and friends!

Nurashikin's before
Nurashiqin's before

Today I did a makeover for Nurashiqin who said she had always wanted to do something about her uneven smile but was to0 scared to get braces when she was in her teens and then was not happy to have them put in as a working adult

. She didn’t think anything could be done but came in just to talk and explore her options.

Nurashikin before her makeover
Nurashiqin before her makeover

That visit was a week ago …. I did a ‘mock’ and showed her what she probably was going to look like like if I did the composite veneers. When she saw the results she could have, she booked in her appointment immediately as I needed about 45 minutes (I couldn’t squeeze in the time and do justice to her smile last week you see)

Nurashiqin came in with her mother and we started …

I told her that we need only do two composite veneers, “That’s all it’ll take to make the teeth look straight!” I said.

Doesn't it look like magic?
Doesn't it look like magic?

We chatted whilst I worked and before long (yes 45 minutes that’s all) and without injections as the whole process isn’t painful, Nurashiqin was done!

Nurashiqin didn’t want to look in the mirror until I had finished the polishing … I explained whilst I worked that the polishing was another secret for natural looking fillings …. people can spot a bad filling immediately if it isn’t polished to a natural shine as the tooth looks ‘dull and dead’.

When everything was done, I gave her the mirror with a flourish ….. ta dah!!

As you can see from the after pictures, Nurashiqin loves her brand new Raya smile!!

A big smile!
A big smile!

I love my job!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

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14 years ago

Hi Dr. Fauziah,

Whilst people have many ways having 09.09.09 date memorable to them and I have my own. Got my teeth straighten by an amazing dentist !

Many thanks for your wonderful job and magic wand 🙂

Selamat Hari Raya and have a wonderful holiday