Hairul, the student

Hairul before
Hairul before

Hairul broke two of his front teeth in a motorbike accident some 5 years ago. He had them fixed but the teeth were beginning to get darker and his mother, who is a patient of mine, told Hairul to come in to see me.

I told Hairul that his teeth were dead and that’s why they were getting darker. I warned him that the darkening of the teeth actually was a warning sign that they were brittle and could break.

I explained to Hairul he really needed to do treat the roots and then do crowns. He explained that he was still a student and therefore the treatment was way off his budget. That’s when I said I’d do a composite veneer with opaquers which would block off most of the dark stain but he had to promise me he’d work out some way to do the root treatment in the near future. He could even check out the government hospitals.

I believe if someone really wants something … they can put their mind into making it happen. This  “taking charge of my circumstances” attitude would go a long way in Hairul’s future if he takes it on.

So with his promise, I began to rebuild Hairul’s smile.

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It took a bit more time than usual as we needed to coat the underlying blackened tooth with opaquers so that when I place the composite, the black wouldn’t show through. But soon Hairul was ready for the mirror!

Hairul smiles again!
Hairul smiles again!

He gasped in amazement! He couldn’t believe that his teeth looked whole again and only a little shadow from the roots remained!

His smile really made my day today!

This is why I love coming to work …

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