Shuhaidah’s new smile

Shuhaidah was referred by Betty who had done her makeover some months back and worked just across from Shuhaidah’s office. She came in and announced in her chirpy way that she had not seen a dentist for ages and had tons of work to do!

We worked out a complete treatment plan and I did her emergency (stuff she needed to do so she wouldn’t be in pain!) first and scheduled her makeover for the next appointment.

She came in as chirpy as ever and said , “Let’s do all of it!”

I laughed and  said she was so typical of my patients …. they put off seeing a dentist and when they finally are persuaded to come in and I write up their treatment plan, they lose their fear!

It’s funny how so often people are paralysed with fear about dental treatment, and then when they do come in and I explain to them what they need to do, and they actually see it wasn’t half as bad as they thought it was …. patients just then relax and say “do it!”.

Shuhaidah's smile before
Shuhaidah's smile before

This is exactly why I love giving patients their treatment plan chart … they get to see exactly what they need and then they can figure out what they want to do and when! And since I even put in the quoted pricing for each treatment on the plan, they get to work out their budget too.

Anyway, Shuhaidah wanted to get everything done immediately as she was fed up of her smile.

She’s an extremely attractive young lady with a bubbly personality so I was only too happy to give her a beautiful smile to flash confidently.

Shuhaidah's brand new beautiful smile
Shuhaidah's brand new beautiful smile

We worked out that we’d need to even out the upper teeth and lowers at the same time so she sat back and let me wave my magic wand.

In no time at all, Shuhaidah was squealing in delight. She loved it!

And I get to do my thing …. creating beautiful smiles everyday!

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