Bee Lin smiles again

Sometimes I am amazed by the dental work accepted by patients.

Bee Lin came in today to repair a fractured tooth that had been worked on twice already! She said there was a pin placed by the previous dentist and was that OK. I took a look at the tooth and told her to relax as it was easy peasy.

Bee Lin's fractured tooth
Bee Lin's fractured tooth

The first problem was the colour of the previous filling was horribly wrong …. there was only bits left but it was obvious that the colour didn’t match at all and was too light. Secondly the pin was squashed up at the side so it gave Bee Lin a grey shadow that looked wierd!

So I cleaned up the tooth, repositioned the post and she was ready for the new filling.

The after!
The after!

Bee Lin loved it! Just look at her smile!!

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14 years ago

Thanks DR. Fauziah make me smile again.. it was a very relax and express experience! good job..