Farah Hani gets her Raya smile

Farah Hani is with Public Mutual and came in for her polish and clean up for the holidays. She had seen what I’d done for friends, Izary and Mazifah so was excited to see if I could do anything for her too.

Farah's smile wasn't so pretty
Farah's smile wasn't so pretty

Wow … could I ever! So after a quick examination and a go ahead from her I started.

She had a uneven teeth and a small carious lesion which was pretty obvious as it was right in front! I told her I would get rid of the black stain and straighten up her teeth in less than an hour.

As all patients do, she asked if it was painful and I said, “Pain is extra! If you insist I suppose I could add in pain …” 😉 She laughed and reassured, we got started on her makeover.

Now that's a smile Farah can flash
Now that's a smile Farah can flash

It was pretty straight forward and after a bit she was smiling wide! сексвидеогид

Now everything was all set for the festivities … Farah has her Raya smile!

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