Little patients, Noranishah and Natasha

Ever so often we get little patients who amaze their parents … you see their parents are afraid of dentists but they aren’t!

I have been treating Noranishah and Natasha’s grandmother, aunt and mother for the past few weeks for various reasons. The two girls, regularly accompany their relatives and had their check-ups and treatment already, both young misses needed a loose tooth taken out each, and though they had finished their treatment ages ago, they both insisted on coming in each time.

Noraishah and Natasha
Noranishah and Natasha

This really made my day as one of the missions of the clinic is to provide an environment in which little patients begin their dental care with absolutely no fear! These two girls just love coming into the clinic.

They are totally at home in the clinic and look forward to the mandatory sheet of stickers and glove balloon they take home each time they come.

The other day, on the last day their aunt had her treatment, the two little girls came in all decked out in their ‘baju kurung’ looking so lovely.

The lovely flower girls!
The lovely flower girls!

I got them to pose with the hamper one of my patients brought in.

Both now say they want to be a dentist when they grow up too!!

Isn’t that just too cool!

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