Last two makeovers before the holidays, Sharilawati and Rohana

Tomorrow I go on a week-long holiday! As usual the clinic was humming with patients booked in for their makeovers.

Sharilawati before
Sharilawati before

Sharilawati came in despite many challenges as she really, really, really wanted her makeover! After hearing her story I just had to do the very best I could. She actually had brought her daughter for treatment before and strangely got to know about the makeovers when she was surfing the net!

She made the appointment and even though she had no maid for the next two weeks and her husband had to rush off to Johor

for a relative’s funeral that morning, so there was no one to baby sit, she did not want to reschedule the makeover!

Sharilawati then arranged for her mum, sister and brother-in-law to accompany her and her two kids to the clinic. Her youngest had to have the adults to amuse him or else he’d throw a tantrum as he was unused to strangers!

So hearing all this, I really got how much the makeover meant to her and gave her my all!

Doesn't Sharilawati look good?
Doesn't Sharilawati look good?

She needed to straighten, lengthen and correct staining and it didn’t take too long.

We chatted and I fussed over her until I was satisfied that I did justice to the effort she had taken to be able to be there today.

Yes, she was very happy …

I made a point to go out to the waiting room where her mother and sister had managed to get her son to sleep, to thank them for baby sitting the little tyke and wish them a Selamat Hari Raya.

The last patient for the day was Rohana. She had gotten her teeth straightened with braces some years ago but was upset that it had relapsed and a gap had appeared between her front teeth after a while.

Rohana before
Rohana ... now you see it...

I explained that it was because she had an extremely short lip line and reassured her that she needn’t go through another 3 years to close the gap. I told her, to her relief, that she’d walk out of the clinic today with no gap and a big smile!

As I worked she told me how she first heard of the makeovers from her office mate, Rafidah.

Rafidah came in one day into the office without a gap between her teeth. Amazed that Rafidah didn’t have braces done and that it had happened all in one appointment, too,  Rohana got hold of the clinic’s numbers and made her appointment.

It was sooooo easy.

Rohana ... now you dont!
Rohana ... now you dont!

It’s makeovers like these that really make my day!

I love spreading happiness and giving people Beautiful Smiles everyday!!

Selamat Hari Raya … Maaf Zahir Batin to all! 🙂

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