Noreen gets her smile

Noreen came in with a simple request … she wanted me to fix her smile. She had seen her office mate’s, Rosilawati, transformed smile and was told she should make an appointment too.

A hesitant smile from Noreen

A hesitant smile from Noreen

Noreen dutifully came in but brought along another friend for moral support.

She was totally cool when I whipped out my iPhone to snap the ‘before’ picture. That’s when she told me she had read my blog and seen the pictures … I guess she knew what was coming!

I asked he how come she didn’t ask me whether it would be painful … she said that Rosilawati had assured her there was nothing to worry about (thank you, Rosilawati!). It’s SO seldom that I get a patient who though scared, is able to sit back and relax … thus is the power of referrals!!

Anyway, I fussed over her smile a little more than usual. I was mindful that I must not let not only Noreen down, but her friend who referred me, Rosilawati too.

Noreen smiling easily now
Noreen smiling easily now

Soon she was ready for the mirror …

She admitted then that she found it hard to smile for the camera before.

Her picture says a thousand words …. Noreen has absolutely no trouble smiling wide for the camera now!

Aren’t I lucky to be able to make people happy everyday!

Next visit, Noreen wants to brighten up her beautiful smile.

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