Rosnani’s accident turns into a makeover

This morning Rosnani came in as an emergency patient. She had had an accident early in the morning when she stumbled half asleep and fell in her bedroom. She hit her teeth so hard that one of her front teeth broke leaving only half left and a badly bruised lower lip.

Rosnani bruised and broken and needing help!
Rosnani bruised and broken and needing help!

She was horrified as next week she will be leaving for Kota Kinabalu to conduct several training excercises for her employers.It was no wonder that she came into the clinic to see what I could do. I reassured her that she would leave the clinic with her smile intact and told her I would squeeze her in during the lunch hour.

Just a month ago the same thing happened to me. Half asleep I got up at 5 am to wake up the boys for their Sahur. In the dark, half asleep I tripped over a weighing scale on the floor and fell against the wall! I hit my face hard, and luckily I did not break my front tooth but I managed to lacerate the inner lip terribly.

In moments my lip, bleeding profusely swelled up and I looked like Angelina Jolie’s poor cousin! Fortunately I had the right salves handy and due to the H1N1 outbreak I could go to work wearing a mask and no one thought it strange! I totally understand Rosnani’s predicament!!

As I examined her, I realised here was a chance to not just repair the damaged tooth but also do a makeover and correct the jutting out tooth and make her smile more even!

A happy Rosnani. not only fixed but with a totally new smile
A happy Rosnani. not only fixed but with a totally new smile

I asked her if she would let me do a makeover as well and when she said yes, I said I was going to turn her accident into a great opportunity!

Less than an hour later Rosnani was all smiles! She went back into her office not only with her teeth back to the right size but with a smile she could flash confidently!

I don’t know who was happier …. Rosnani or I!

I just love my job.

I get to create beautiful smiles everyday!!!

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