Hem finally takes the step

Hem had been referred to me two years ago but the fear of seeing a dentist was too great. A few weeks ago at a funeral he met many relatives and he said they kept asking what happened to his teeth! …. “That was the last straw”, he said, “I had to make an appointment to see you!”

So in came Hem today. Yes, he was nervous and broke out in a cold sweat as I examined him.

I told him I promised to do my magic! I will create that beautiful smile he wanted and will not let him, nor Lucia, down, as she had stuck her neck out in referring me ..I am always  mindful of this when someone refers/recommends me!!

Hem had enough with all the comments about his smile!
Hem had enough with all the comments about his smile!

He could hardly believe it when I said I could give him a winning smile today and it probably would take an hour. He looked at me disbelievingly but said, “OK … let’s go for it!”

I was so excited! Hem is a very handsome young man who could hardly smile when I took the initial photos. He looks like an asian Arnold Schwazenneger, I swear!!

I explained I needed the photos as he wouldn’t remember what he looked like before the makeover and I needed to remember what I did too.

He asked the usual “is it painful?” question … to which I told him that it wasn’t (of course!).

I had a ball!!! I chatted and asked him about Kaporiea (I may have the spelling all wrong) a Brazilian Martial Art/ dance that a mutual friend, Kennedy, has been asking me to try out.

Hem after his makeover
Hem after his makeover

Very soon the makeover was done. I passed the mirror to Hem and watched eagerly for his reaction.

He was thrilled and looked shocked when he first looked in the mirror!

I just love this part when my patient first sees their new smile …. It’s soooooo fulfilling to see their utter surprise.

Hem said he had to thank Lucia for telling him about us, whilst smiling broadly and naturally. Hem said Lucia had called me the Smile Artist!

Yes … that’s what I am alright! A Smile Artist and I love my job.

I get to create Beautiful Smiles Every Day and make people happy and confident too. And some people call it work!

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