Jessie gets her beautiful smile

Jessie took the lift down to the clinic which is in the same premises as the bank she works for. She came in for a clean up and asked if I could make her teeth look more even by trimming it.

Jessie had chipped and tilted front teeth
Jessie had chipped and tilted front teeth

I was horrified and explained that if I trimmed the uneven edges, she’d end up with a really odd smile!!

I told her that replacing the parts that chipped

would make much more sense than trimming them shorter. Her teeth were uneven in colour too, so composite veneers would be the best answer for her.

She agreed so we started work. …. that is after the asked The Question: Does it hurt! … of course I said it wouldn’t hurt at all!!

Jessie my new smile ambassador
Jessie my new smile ambassador

In a very short time … and a lot of chit chat in between … I passed her the mirror.

Jessie was all smiles!

She said she was going to be my model in the bank and show off her new beautiful smile to all.

Way to go Jessie! Keep smiling wide now.

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