A surprise for Fauzi

Fauzi's smile before
Fauzi's smile before

Fauzi’s real name is extremely long.  I found it hard to pronounce so we settled on this abbreviation! He works for Dewan Bahasa and is extremely friendly and chatty. He came in for the usual treatment when I asked him if he would like to close the gaps in his front teeth and improve his smile at the same time!

He was skeptical at first as he said no one else had ever said they could do anything for him as he had also lost two front teeth ages ago. I pointed out that the dentist had given him an extra tooth which made the smile look off.

Stage 1: Gaps closed but still with an extra tooth
Stage 1: Gaps closed but still with an extra tooth

Since he had broken the denture, I was suggesting replacing it with a new one.

He got so excited so I did the initial repair by replacing the tooth and promised to come in just to issue his denture the next day, though I was leaving for my vacation on the day his new denture was going to be ready. I didn’t want to have him wait 10 days for me to return.

The end result was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Fauzi's smile today!
Fauzi's smile today!

Fauzi was so thrilled he offered to send me to the airport as I was leaving in a few hours. It was such a good feeling to see him so happy with his new smile!

I love scuba diving …. but I love creating Beautiful Smiles more I think!

Yes … I love my job.

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14 years ago

Hai dr. fauziah…. How’s life now? I’ve read about your vacation in Bali and how excited we are to go there…but not for diving for sure becoz fauzi do not like outdoor activities such as diving, mountain climbing, boating, kayak, fishing etc….(pity me)… You know what…fauzi is a model now…especially in dewan bahasa dan pustaka. He keeps on promoting how good you are…the best dental surgeon we have ever met. He smiles a lot day and night to show off his brand new teeths. Thanx again doc for giving my husband a very beautiful smile compared to before. It is… Read more »