Exploring and diving in Bali, Indonesia

I planned a 10-day vacation exploring and diving in Bali this month … as usual it was a mad, mad, mad rush to get all my cases done and inform all the people concerned that I was going to be away.

The dives in gorgeous waters
The dives were in gorgeous waters

I delayed packing as I had so much to get ready for the trip … I had to get a new dive computer as I was planning multiple dives at different places, a new Canon G10 to replace the one I drowned in Bunaken, check my underwater casing was ok in a chamber, new booties as my old ones finally gave way (the were 13 years old!) and service my regulator.

All bills (Tenaga, water, Astro, Streamyx, Telekom) paid, fridge stocked, pocket money and travel money set aside with my maid, school transport and sports centre pick up for my sons organised, responsible adults alerted and finally I was ready to leave the country for some R&R.

The first stop was Menjangan. We stayed in a beautiful spa resort which had awesome diving too. The rooms and grounds were typically romantic, exotic Bali.

The Villas in Menjangan Mimpi Resort
The Villas in Menjangan Mimpi Resort

Diving was a new experience in Menjangan … this was the first time our packed lunches were served to us in bento boxes complete with fruit and Coke or Sprite or Aqua!!

There was a serenity in the water as there were very few divers too. We dived mainly wall dives in pristine coral though there were less fish as we’d normally see in Malaysia. It was absolutely 5* diving!

The open air hot spring overlooks the private jetty
The open air hot spring overlooks the private jetty

My camera seemed to be holding up but the pesky new strobe flooded! Sigh … that’s the trouble with underwater photography, the equipment is sensitive and needs a lot of tender loving care!

The resort had natural hot springs where we had a good soak after the day’s diving which was great to ease away the cold and tiredness, it left me all relaxed and ready for a sumptious 4-course dinner by candle light over looking the beautiful sea by night …. heavenly!

I took plenty of landscapes anyway especially of the Balinese children.

They were jumping off the jetty, laughing and splashing all afternoon and ended the day with fishing

Fishing as the sun sets
Fishing as the sun sets

as the sun set.

After three nights we went back to Kuta for 2 days of surfing, shopping and sampling Balinese food … and Hard Rock Cafe Bali!

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