Nadzri new grin

Nadzri's smile could be improvedNadzri found the clinic whilst surfing the net. He wanted me to create a simple bridge as he had an accident many, many years earlier and lost some teeth. That was not a problem, however one of the adjacent teeth was a milk tooth so I explained to him I’d like to take an xray first to see how long the root was and the condition of the other teeth too …. as we moved to the xray room, he casually remarked that he was a medical doctor .. and a radiologist at that!

Whew!! That made matters so much easier …. sometimes doctors tend to speak a different language , you know what I mean? As someone medically trained, we tend to think the way we are trained and what comes out of our mouths don’t make any sense, or we take for granted that the person we are speaking to understand … I always try to remember that when I talk to my patients .. I tend to draw things a lot or relate it to things they would come across in their daily lives.

Like when I explain about crowding of large teeth in a small mouth… it’s like you have a terrace house but you’ve got enough furniture for a bungalow!!

Once I had finished the bridge, I asked Dr Nadzri if he’d like to do something about the rest of his smile. He shyly nodded and I told him it wouldn’t take very much longer … the bridge took one and a half hours but the makeover for his smile would probably be half the time … and with no injections too!

So we started and in no time he had his new grin! A handsome Dr Nadzri

Dr Nadzri’s ‘after’ photos were easy to take after the makeover .. he smiled readily for the camera.

I think this young doctor will have many patients feeling better just when he smiles now!

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