Azimin and Ros get new smiles

Azimin before
Azimin before

Azimin came in two weeks ago after seeing Fauzi his workmate’s new smile. As someone who often is the master of ceremonies for Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, he wanted to sort out his smile too. A charming young man, he said he was a little nervous as his previous dentist experience hurt but Fauzi had assured him that we don’t hurt our patients!

I looked at his smile and said it would be a breeze to give him the smile he always wanted … and yes we could sort out the gap at the bottom too.

Out came the magic wand and just under an hour Azimin was smiling from ear to ear!

He was amazed at the difference and asked me to mail him all the photos we took so he

Azimin's smile now
Azimin's smile now

could tell his friends!

Oh yes he was happy! He actually looked younger as the chipped teeth now were restored and there were absolutely no gaps!

The very next week, Azimin made an appointment for his colleague, Ros.

Today, not only did Ros come in for her makeover but she was accompanied by Azimin and his small daughter who had followed her doting dad to work as she was ill.

Ros was nervous! I could tell because she was talking so much!

IMG_3034She didn’t really think I could do anything for her as she felt her case was too difficult. She was even contemplating going through 2 years of braces together with her teenage daughter!

I told her that I could make a huge difference to her smile … she need only relax and let me work my magic.

I chatted with Azimin who played with his little daughter whilst I created Ros’ new smile. He’s such an exemplary father I was so impressed! He fed her and soon she was napping in her dad’s arms.

Ros was a bit of a challenge, especially her lower teeth but as I worked on her upper teeth I got an idea of how I could sort them out too. I tried to make a bet with Idayu, my Clinic Manager, that I could do it, but smilingly refused to take me up on my bet!

In about 45 minutes, Ros was ready for the best part of the makeover … the part where I hand her the mirror and introduce her to her new image.

She squealed in delight! “Doctor, this is magic!” she said.

Even Ros' lower teeth look good

Even Ros' lower teeth look good

Ros then got on the phone and called up  two of her friends to tell them they were in for a surprise tomorrow when she came in for work.

I love my job … I get to make people so happy!

Actually, today I had three makeovers … I have so much fun that it really doesn’t feel like work … I get to create beautiful smiles every day … how lucky can I be!

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14 years ago

Hi doc Fauziah,
Ros’s teeth is quiet similar like mine before my makeover…it’s almost 5 months since i’ve installed my veneer…i had a wonderful smile during Hari Raya…huhuhu…