A family Makeover! Hezry, Mafix and their mother.

The boys, Hezry and Mafix, came in with their mother Noor. The were shy young men, both still students. Mafix the younger was glued to

Hezry before
Hezry before

his PSP.

They both wanted to sort out their rather protruding teeth which was also very uneven. I said that Hezry was the most complicated one so we’d better start with him!

Hezry before
Hezry before

I explained that the veneers could make his teeth look less protruding, but they would be exactly the same place they already  were. This meant his profile would still be the same … but he’d look different.

I did a mock-up, where I actually did the makeover but it could be removed … it was only to show him how he would look, if we were to actually do the makeover.

Everybody said it looked good and so we started …

It took a little longer than usual but we finished at last! Whew!

Hezry now!
Hezry now!

He was so happy! It was visually less protruding now … and yes, it was painles.

And then it was younger brother Mafix’ turn.

Mafiz was actually much, much easier.

Since he had watched his brother’s makeover (whenever he surfaced from the PSP that is) Mafix was not as worried and nervous.

Mafix before
Mafix before

He had less protruding teeth but they were still uneven and could do with a wave of the magic wand, too.

He passed the PSP to Hezly and settled down with his eyes tightly shut!

I joked with his mother and soon Mafix’ makeoevr was done too.

Mafix now

Mafix now

I passed the mirror to Mafix and boy! was he grinning after that.

And now it was Mum’s turn ….

Noor’s makeover was the easiest of all! She just had worn down her front teeth and

Mum's smile was chipped
Mum's smile was chipped

they looked thin and frail.

I knew it was the easiest of the three so I left her for last ….

In about half an hour, Mum was ready for the mirror too.

She was thrilled!

I promised to do the second stage for them next week  …. that’s when we tackle their

Mum now ... what a happy smile!
Mum now ... what a happy smile!

lower teeth and make them straighter too.

I create beautiful smiles every day! How lucky is that!!

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