Emma Fatimah, my friend Eva’s daughter

Emma Fatimah's too small teeth
Emma Fatimah's too small teeth

Emma Fatimah is such a beautiful and charming young miss. The youngest child of a good friend of mine, Eva Melia, Emma wanted the gaps between her teeth sorted out.

She had watched her sister have braces done and she didn’t want to have braces for herself. She had seen the makeover I did for her mother 6 years ago and she wanted one too.

We discussed it and agreed to do the makeover.

Emma had too small teeth in a too large jaw. That made her teeth space out and wasn’t something Emma wanted.

It didn’t take too long before the magic wand worked it’s wonders!

I chatted with Eva about her trip back to Malaysia to look after her newborn grandchild, whilst Emma got her

Emma Fatimah now! Isn't she gorgeous!

Emma Fatimah now! Isn't she gorgeous!

makeover. Emma Sofia, the elder sister was there too.

The best part was when Emma looked into the mirror for the first time after her makeover!

Just look at her smile!

I love my job!

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