Marsilawati gets the smile of her dreams at last

Marsilawati came in with her colleague Rohaya. Both wanted makeovers and Marsila jumped into the chair immediately which was just fine for Rohaya who was very nervous.

Marsilawati before the magic wand
Marsilawati before the magic wand

Marsilawati told me she had seen the makeover I did for both Fauzi, Azimin and Ros. She told me she was so unhappy

with her smile especially after a nasty remark passed to her when she was still university. She had even considered removing all her teeth at one time!

I reassured her that she would feel that way any more, that she’d walk out beaming!

She had long-ish teeth that were too narrow for her wide smile. They made the gaps look even larger which didn’t help. I told her to sit back because I needed to do both the upper and lower at one go because that was the only way to totally change everything!

As I worked I found out that she was expecting her husband back for the weekend, he had been off on a project in Ipoh

Marsilawati side profile
Marsilawati side profile

for the last two months. Their daughter and her were looking forward to seeing him.

We laughed and chatted about life and all the stuff that happens.

At last she was ready for the mirror!

The magic wand was put to the test today!

She looked into the mirror and then quickly put it down again …. she gasped and said, “My teeth are larger!” Her eyes wide!

I said thinking she didn’t like it, “Don’t worry … it just looks so different … give yourself time to get used to it.” I was worried she didn’t like it!

That’s when I realised she not only liked it, she loved it!

Marsilawati about an hour later
Marsilawati about an hour later

It was sheer joy in her eyes, and disbelief that she actually did look so different.

I hugged her and answered the question that was in her eyes, “It’s permanent …. it will still be there tomorrow …. that is your smile now… it is permanent.”

Her eyes filled with tears and she said, ” Doctor, you just gave me my heart’s desire. I have wanted this for so long.”

I told her, “Now don’t start crying now.” ….. and we both started to cry.

So many times I give my thanks to God for this…. I am so, so lucky that I can do this for people.

I told Marsilawati to comment on this blog about her experience ( I hope she does!) as there are so many people like her that would love to have their dream smile. I may be able to do that for them. She had Fauzi, Azimin and Ros, she could tell people about her experience so they could have it too.

I love my job!

I get to have people cry with joy … I create beautiful smiles every day!

Jan 4 2010:

The final touch in Marsila's smile
The final touch in Marsila's smile

Today Marsila gets the final touch for her brand new smile for 2010. She had taken the day off to send her child to Kindergarten… it was the first day of school for the 4-year old!

She came in saying that she’s gotten used to her new look and so has her husband though he still is amazed (terkagum, as she put it) at her transformation.

As we said goodbye, I felt the tears well up behind my eyes again … I am so lucky to be able to do what I do.

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14 years ago

Salam Dr. Fay, Alhamdulillah impian saya sudah tercapai. Bagus juga ada kawan2 yang bermulut bising promote pasal Dr. dan your website banyak membantu saya memberanikan diri untuk berjumpa dr dan terus bersedia untuk berubah. Don’t worry dr, saya sudah terbiasa dengan “gigi besar baru” dan rasanya sudah tak nampak besar lagi. Suami pula masih tidak percaya yang saya sudah ‘lain’ dan dia kata dia tak pernah complain pun pasal gigi yang lama. Saya kata tak apa, yang penting perubahan itu dapat memenuhi impian yang empunya diri yang sentiasa malu berhadapan dengan orang ramai. Bagi pembaca yang seperti saya, jangan malu,… Read more »

14 years ago

Fuyyooh, Kak Mas, tahniahlah gigi anda betul2 ‘a big transformation’ – memang lawa. Tahniah tahniah. Pasti ini pengalaman yg terindah …