Kalwinder takes the step

Kalwinder before
Kalwinder before

Kalwinder made her appointment to see us after finding us on the net whilst she surfed for dentists. She came in yesterday … a reasonably busy day given that it was a holiday weekend.

She came in and asked if I could close the gap in her smile, how much it would cost and how expensive.

I laughed as it was such an easy job and it would take me less than half an hour to do! I told her the cost and she broke into a smile and said that it was fine … let’s just do it!!

It didn’t even take half an hour … we were done in 20 minutes.

Whilst I worked the magic wand, Kalwinder told me she was a receptionist at U-Mobile and that she had never known that the gap between her teeth could be sorted out until she found this blog.

She asked me if the composite veneers would last … I told her I just did a repair on Nasim (my next post … I have to go help my Dad cook Lasagna and Baked Cauliflower in a moment! I promised to show him how yesterday) I did Nasim’s makeover in 1998 and it had just chipped off. So I told her it would last ages!

When she was ready for the mirror, Kalwinder took a deep breath first before she peeked at her new smile.

This time Kalwinder smiled easily for the camera!
This time Kalwinder smiled easily for the camera!

What a big grin broke out on her face! She told me she never ever believed it could be possible!

It’s amazing how so many people don’t know that they could actually do something for their smile … with that thought, I asked Kalwinder to comment on this post so others could get what she experienced and would take their step to having their dream smile, too.

I so love my job …. I make beautiful smile every day … I get to make people happy!

I am so lucky!!

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14 years ago

Hi Dr. Fauziah, Thank you for repairing the gap on my front teeth. Actually i was kind of nervous at first ( i thought it was going to be painful) but the way you talked through out the process made me forget about my nervousness, and YES it only took about 20 minutes!! I couldn’t wait to see what the outcome would be and i was so happy to see the gap is finally GONE! I would definately recommend you to my friends and family and say that there is a FAIRY who could make you smile beautifully 🙂 I’m… Read more »