Filah gets her dream smile

Filah before we started the makeover
Filah before we started the makeover

Filah had surfed the web and found this blog. She made her appointment  just before Christmas. I was jam packed with patients wanting regular scalings and fillings to finish up their company dental treatment entitlements … and of course makeovers for the holiday season, so sitting down with Filah, I had to figure how I was going to fit her into an already tight schedule.

You see Filah is a teacher. Once the year 2010 started, it was going to be difficult for her to take leave, and to make matters worse, she needed quite a bit of different types of treatment to give her the dream smile she wanted.

We worked out a plan, it was going to be tight given the short time I had before the year ended… but I was making her a priority …… she is a teacher! I have an immense respect for teachers as I believe they shape the children they teach and indirectly shape our country!

She said she was going to have a new set of students, as the ones she had taught last year were leaving school after their SPM.

She told me she taught English, and as we chatted, getting to know each other, how she finally was willing to take the step to have her new smile during the holidays, after reading the blog.  Boy was I excited … given how fond I am of teachers, I was determined to do my very best for Filah.

Filah's new smile for 2010
Filah's new smile for 2010

Today, the last day of 2009, was THE day …. Filah gets the final touches for her new smile.

Today, I get to wave my magic wand for the last patient of the year, and have her start her year with a brand new smile!

I waited anxiously for Filah as she was late due to the traffic jams around KL. She came in with Alia her daughter and waved to me through the glass door, the moment she arrived. Whew was I relieved! I had ‘twisted’ my technician’s arm to have it ready on time so I would be very disappointed if Filah changed her appointment.

When I gave Filah the mirror, my heart was beating … she loved the new smile! Yippee Yay!!!

I was so happy and excited … I nearly didn’t take any photos! It was Filah who reminded me to take the ‘after’ photos! I took a photo of her and Alia as well for good measure.

Thank you Filah! Thank you for putting your trust in me, purely by trusting the many photos and comments given on this blog. I am so touched by your faith and trust.

Filah and Alia ... aren't they beautiful!
Filah and Alia ... aren't they beautiful!

I am so blessed that I have this ‘job’ …

I can hardly call it work because I have so much joy creating beautiful smiles everyday!!

What a wonderful year it has been!

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14 years ago

Hi Doc, Wah.. didn’t know that you’ve put up the story about me here.. 🙂 Hopefully it’ll encourage others when they read this and see what you’ve done for me. Been very busy lately with school work and FV of course (trying hard to keep up with you in FV). Received a lot of compliments from my colleagues about my new smile.. They said i look younger and they were so impressed that all were done in a short time during the holidays.. As you can see, teachers nowadays are not blessed with long holidays like what we used to… Read more »