Mona smiles wide

Mona two front teeth were tucked behind
Mona two front teeth were tucked behind

Mona emailed me after finding the blog whilst surfing. She asked about her wisdom tooth and about scaling. We set up an appointment for an examination and diagnosis and possibly her scaling. As luck would have it, Monday had many patients change their appointment at the very last minute (a bother but well thankfully that doesn’t happen too often!) so Mona and I had plenty of time to work!

Mona needed to do some routine stuff so once that was out of the way, we got down to the business of her smile! It was fairly simple as all she needed was to tip her teeth out a little.

Mona's side profile before
Mona's side profile before

I asked her if she wanted to have braces done and when she said no, I did a mock-up for what she’d look like with composite veneers …. she said ‘let’s do it!

As I worked on her new smile, Mona told me she worked for Sony. That got me started on my brother’s house which has no less than 5 TVs, two of them hooked up to Apple TVs which allows him to download their favourite TV series to watch. Ahhh, I do so want to get the latest (an not released yet) season of Lost! I am a Lost addict and find the series fascinating.

Mona's wide grin now!
Mona's wide grin now!

Before long, Mona’s new smile was all ready! It didn’t take long at all and I checked in with her to ask if it was painful …. she smiled and said it didn’t hurt!

I said to Amy, my nurse, “The mirror please.” to which Mona quipped, “The Magic Mirror!”  Yes, Mona had read my blog and was quite familiar with my Magic Mirror and the Magic Wand!!

She was delighted with her new look!

Mona is the first makeover of 2010! And as you can see she can’t wait to show it off.

I love my job!

Mona now ... what a beautiful smile.
Mona now ... what a beautiful smile.

I create Beautiful Smiles every day!!

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