Azizah is pleasantly surprised

Azizah had large gaps
Azizah had large gaps

Azizah wanted to have a scaling done.

She remembered that there was a dental clinic near where she had studied that had a lady dentist, so she came by in October for her clean up. When I saw her, I just had to ask her if she had ever considered closing the gap between her front teeth.

She looked at me in surprise. She had been told in her home town, Ipoh, some years ago that the only way to close the rather large gap was to first take out her front teeth, then wear a denture for a few weeks before make a Bridge using the teeth remaining on each side.The quote was for RM5K which included the Bridge and the Denture.

She said she couldn’t see herself taking out her teeth to wear a denture and then wait for the Bridge …. besides, the amount quoted was too much for her budget.

When I saw her last October, I told her that she need not remove any teeth at all…. but she did need to do the scaling and let her gum swelling go down a bit before I wave my magic wand and close the gaps. I told her that each composite veneer was going to be RM250 so I didn’t think it would be anywhere near RM5K. My estimate was it would be less than Rm1500!

The first stage done!
The first stage done!

We did her scaling and she said she would be back for the makeover. I told her to visit my blog and see how others had done their makeover and the results.

Today Azizah came in all ready for some magic.

I welcomed her with, “Hi! It’s great to see you back again!”

She smiled and we started …

As I worked I told Azizah how I appreciated her trust in me. I understand how scary it is to make the step towards something like a new smile. So much goes through our head like, ‘Will it look nice?’, ‘Will I regret this?’, ‘Is the promise of a beautiful smile really true?’, ‘ Are those photos real?’ …. so many questions, so much noise in our heads …. so much fear!

I worked and crafted her veneers slowly. I explained I needed to make the borders look natural so the teeth don’t look weird and I had to adjust the size of the teeth on the sides a bit so the new larger teeth don’t look oversized. It was something I had to craft bit by bit, taking into account her over all smile.

At last I was finished with the upper teeth. Azizah was given the magic mirror and loved it!!

Azizah's new smile ... doesn't it look beautiful!
Azizah's new smile

I asked her if she minded waiting a bit as my next appointment had arrived. I needed to do them before I could continue with her lower teeth for the complete makeover. Azizah said she would wait, as she knew she had arrived late for her appointment … she had come all the way from Shah Alam!

As soon as the other patient was done, Azizah came in grinning widely! Gone was the nervousness … she had done the top teeth and had seen that not only did the veneered teeth look absolutely natural …. the whole process was painless! I also suspected she had examined the veneers closely in the washroom whilst I did my other patient!!

The lower teeth were easy-peasy! We finished in no time at all as the gap was much, much smaller.

I did a final polish and Azizah was ready for the mirror again …. this time she was going to see the results of her complete makeover!!

She grinned from ear to ear! Her eyes started to turn red and even as I said, ‘Now don’t cry on me!’ both of us started to cry.

We hugged as she said thank you. It’s such a moving moment when I get to give a person their Dream Smile. So much of their world shifts ….  Azizah said she couldn’t wait to go home and show off the new Azizah to her sister!

Thank you, Azizah, for your trust and your faith. I am glad I didn’t let you down.

I love my job!

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