A Beautiful Smile for Ani

Ani before the makeover
Ani before the makeover

Ani had surfed the web for a dentist that could help with her smile. She made the appointment with a friend after writing to me. Yesterday Ani came in without her friend who unfortunately fell sick and had to reschedule her makeover.

I was glad Ani came in early for her appointment as it turned out that the Awards Night for ActionCoach International was on Saturday. I had to finish up in the clinic and rush home to get ready for the Awards as I was one of the Finalists for Business of the Year and Synergy Awards.

We talked for a bit and I offered to do a Mock-Up of the makeover for Ani so she could see what the end result would be. I told her that the Mock-Up was temporary and totally removable …. she loved what she saw so with her OK we started!

Top teeth done!
Top teeth done!

We chatted as I worked about how she found the blog and about Streamyx (she works in Telekoms). I joked with her about how she never asked the usual question about whether it would hurt too ๐Ÿ˜‰

In about 45 minutes the upper teeth were done …. I passed her the magic mirror and she was thrilled!

We still had to do her lower teeth but now Ani was totally relaxed and excited! She had seen how beautiful her upper teeth had become … and it was painless and fast!!

The lower teeth were kind of tricky … there’s this pesky tongue and lower lip that keeps getting in my way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In a short time I was done. The veneers had been polished to a natural shine and adjusted so Ani could bite comfortably. Ani was ready for the magic mirror again.

I passed her the mirror with flourish and she squealed! Yay!!! She said she was so, so glad she found the blog!

The finished beautiful smile for Ani
Ani's finished beautiful smileร‚

I reminded her that she could eat anything she wanted but to stay clear from stones, bones, wood and metal. She laughed and said she read that already in a previous post. I reminded her that there was a month guarantee. This meant that if she chipped anything within the month, the adjustments and repairs were free for a whole month.

This is because our normal eating movements were so many that it was impossible to check them all during the appointment, but within one month, Ani would probably eat all sorts of stuff … hard, soft, sticky, tough, etc…. and at least 3 times a day, which meant a month of eating her usual food would test the veneers about 100 times!

Go eat whatever you want then, Ani!

I have an amazing job … I get to create Beautiful Smiles Every Day!! And the best part is I get to make friends with my patients too!

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14 years ago

my dear doctor…
sorry for the late reply..im kinda bz la my lovely doc…
thanks for the excellente’ job..i love u lah dr…im kinda speechless now..huuuuuu..will always support u my dear dr,, i;ll come again with more patient for u k? =)