Idayu’s Dad gets his new smile

Idayu is my Clinic Manager in the Menara EON Bank clinic. She is an extremely efficient and yet shy young lady who first met me as a patient when she was still in school. Her mother asked if I needed a nurse when she left school so about a year ago, Idayu started her training. In less than a year she became a Clinic Manager and ably runs this branch.

Mohamed Noor before
Mohamed Noor before

Last Friday, Idayu’s dad, Mohamed Noor, came in for a scaling and asked if I could close the gaps for his front teeth! He is a musician and now handles music production.

A reserved man he is indeed … especially given that he is in the music industry!

I did his scaling first then revved up my magic wand for Idayu’s dad.

When we finished he actually smiled!! And so did Idayu’s mum! She’s the chatty one of the family!!

Mohamed Noor told Idayu later that he was always conscious of his large teeth.

Smiling confidently now
Smiling confidently now

and gaps and that’s why he was so quiet! Well Idayu, it looks like your dad will be smiling more these days!!

What a difference the makeover has done to his smile.

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