Hafizah gets ready for her engagement

Hafizah had large gaps and protruding teeth
Hafizah had large gaps and protruding teeth

Hafizah is about to get engaged this Saturday. She came in for her makeover today with her sister Hanis, looking a little nervous.

I asked her how she came to know about our makeovers and she told me her aunt, the actress Liza Abdullah and her mother, Zaiton, had already done makeovers, so she was keen to do one for herself before her engagement!

She asked if it would take a long time and this time I said it would as I had to craft the composite veneers carefully as the spaces were quite wide. I told her it would take about an hour.

I explained that her teeth were rather protruding and though I won’t be moving them backwards, they would certainly look less protruding once the makeover was done!

The top teeth all ready with veneers
The top teeth all ready with veneers

She smiled a shy smile and we started ….

I worked through lunch and forgot the time! My friend, Swee Poh came into take me out for lunch but as I was busy working on Hafizah, I asked for a raincheck on the lunch date.

Fortunately Swee Poh didn’t mind and left me to finish up Hafizah’s new smile.

Crafting the lowers was more tricky as the middle gap was rather large and there were smaller gaps between the other front teeth too, but Hafizah was the model patient. She sat quietly and every time I asked her if she was OK she said she was fine and it didn’t hurt one bit!

At last I was finished! And just in time for my next patient too …

Hafizah was smiling from ear to ear!
Hafizah was smiling from ear to ear!

After the final polish, I gave Hafizah the magic mirror … Taa dah!!

She was smiling from ear to ear! She loved it!!

Hafizah is already for her big day. I am sure she will look gorgeous in her photographs this Saturday …. especially the close-ups of her smiling face as during the engagement ceremony.

Congratulations, Hafizah!

And thank you for letting me give you your dream smile before your big day.

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