A makeover for Hajah Ramlah

Chipped teeth before the bleaching and makeover
Chipped teeth before the bleaching and makeover

Hajah Ramlah lives in Changloon, Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah. Surfing the web found this blog and rang up to make an appointment for bleaching and a makeover. I was so impressed by this awesome lady when she came into the clinic holding a print out of the Google map showing the location of the Menara EON Bank clinic today.

You see, Hajah Ramlah is in her 50’s. She is retired, lives alone with her cat and runs a dragon fruit orchard up in Kedah. Her only son lives in Shah Alam  …. she made the trip down to KL with the single purpose of doing the bleaching and makeover. What a lady she is!!

Once the preliminary examinations were over, Hajah Ramlah told me that she had seen many dentists in Kedah but she was not very happy with the results. She had to repeat some of her fillings and was rather nervous that the same thing may happen again. I reassured her that her makeover was fairly simple and could be done immediately but she would have to schedule two separate visits for crowns.

The bleaching with Zoom's plasma light
The bleaching with Zoom's plasma light

We then worked out a plan to first do her bleaching and the makeover and then do the dental crowns later. Boy was I excited! I was determined to do my very best for this amazing lady who had travelled so far and placed her trust in me and my Team.

I explained to her that the bleaching had to be done first as it would lighten and brighten her teeth … only then would I do the makeover as I needed to match the new colour for her veneers.

And so we started … She sat back and for the next 45 minutes we went through 4 cycles of Zoom Bleaching programme whilst she sat back and relaxed.

Once the bleaching process was finished, I handed Hajah Ramlah the mirror and she loved the new colour! I asked her if it was sensitive or painful and she said she felt fine though a little strange.

Next step was her makeover …. to close the gaps and have her whole smile re-done.

Hajah Ramlah's new smile!
Hajah Ramlah's new smile!

It didn’t take long before I did the final polish and handed Hajah Ramlah the mirror again.

What a difference it was! The photos here were taken using my iPhone so it doesn’t really do justice to the overall change in colour ….  but Hajah Ramlah was pleased, I was pleased and the entire Team was pleased!

As she left we exchanged hugs and phone numbers and I got an invitation to visit her in Kedah!! Now that’s a Magic Moment I will treasure … I know I delivered on my promise to her.

Idayu accompanied Hajah Ramlah to catch a taxi back to her son’s home in Shah Alam. She told Idayu the trip to KL was well worth it!

Yes, I have a great job, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

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