Danusha gets her smile

It’s hard to keep up with the makeovers and posting them on the blog. I apologise if I am late in uploading, guys! … I manage this site myself hence disciplining myself to upload the makeovers when I come back from work is hard … especially when FarmVille beckons!

I admit …. I am a FarmVille Fan and am also happily addicted to cyber farming. 😉

And back to Danusha ….

Danusha is such a lovely girl! She was referred to me by Mano, a long time patient of mine who is her boyfriend’s brother … she described him as bald, slim and has twins! The description was perfect … I could place him almost immediately.

Danusha before
Danusha before

Anyway, Danusha wanted to do something about her smile. Her teeth had to be bridged some years ago and she wasn’t happy with the result, the midline was off, the colour no longer matched and her natural teeth, and the shape was all wrong.

The pretty girl had a smile that looked like it belonged to two separate people at the same time but superimposed!

We decided to place composite veneers first and maybe later do a bleaching. I was pretty sure the veneers would do the job and even out her smile.

What do you think of the result?

After the makeover, Danusha's smile looked great!
After the makeover, Danusha's smile looked great!

I think the veneers was exactly what she needed!

I asked her if I could take a photo of her smiling with her new smile …. Didn’t I say she was a pretty young engineer!

The very pretty Danusha
The very pretty Danusha
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